Incentive Package Le Marche
Excellent  "rural" destination for meetings and incentives in Italy

Marche with its beautiful landscapes is located in the central area of the country : olive groves, vineyards, golden hills rise towards the blue sky topped with bright green woodland and crowned by tiny stone villages. Marche has everything : the Adriatic sea with its long sandy beaches, the gentle hills covered with cultivated land, the cities and villages dating back to Roman and medieval times, the mountains covered with forests that open up to majestic mountaintops. It’s also a paradise for those who love good food. You can taste the produce that grows on the land, vegetables and fruit, olive oil, cheeses, black truffles, and grapes that make great wines (Vernaccia), meat that has the fragrance of the grass that grows on the mountains where the cattle graze. You will taste the fish and seafood from the Adriatic sea, they are unique ! Try the Olive Ascolane (stuffed olives). Visit the Frassassi Caves in Gola della Rossa Park and important places, such as Pesaro, Urbino, Gradara, Ancona, Loreto, Recanati, Ascoli Piceno and Macerata and learn how to prepare Italian food with a chef during a cooking workshop followed by tastings.

The Marche region contains the essence of Italy in a nutshell

Suggestion 1: Cooking course and regional Wine discovery

During a bike trip in this beautiful region, you will taste several local, artisanal products. Take part in a workshop with a chef cook, prepare a 4-course-dinner, and taste the best accompanying wine.

Suggestion 2: DiVino wine festival

DiVino is a wine-event during the first 15 days of November, in the region of Vallata del Tronto, focused on using our 5 senses : sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Each place is like a magic box that indulge your senses, experiencing the delights of wine.

Other activities : visit city Ascoli Piceno, the Pinacoteca civica (art gallery), Museo dell’Arte Ceramica (Ceramics museum), Rosso Piceno Superiore Tour (red wine tour through the vineyards). We will visit villages rich in history, culture and traditional food : Ripatransone (historical centre, theatre Luigi Mercantini), Grottammare (medieval village, Arancio theatre). Tour of Offida (historical centre), Pillow-lace Museum, the Church of S. Maria della Rocca.

Suggestion 3: Weekend con Gusto (3 days)

Day 1 : we start this trip through the hills towards the sea, and visit the villages rich in history, culture and traditional food : Ripatransone (historical centre, theatre Luigi Mercantini), Grottammare (medieval village, Arancio theatre). Tour of San Benedetto del Tronto. Sea food dinner at a typical restaurant.

Day 2 : Discovery tour of the Vallata del Tronto : Castel di Lama, visit city Ascoli Piceno.

Day 3 : Visit Offida (historical centre, Pillow-lace Museum), the Church of S. Maria della Rocca, visit to the Regional Enoteca (wine cellar) where your find a selection of the best regional wines and typical products.

Suggestion 4: Profumo di … Tartufo estivo (2 days

Day 1 : visit city Ascoli Piceno. In the late afternoon you will learn to prepare olive all’ascolana (fried stuffed olives) in a well-known restaurant, followed by a regional products- and olive oil -tasting. Dinner “Aroma of Truffle” is served : a menu based on truffles and typical seasonal specialties.

Day 2 : visit Cartiera Papale - an old industrial district situated on the bank of the river Castellano - and to the medieval village of Castel Trosino.

Suggestion 5: Weekend Tombolo di Offida

Pillow lace making : Learn the basic stitches during a pillow-lace course (“il merletto”) for beginners in Tombolo. (12 hours)

Suggestion 6: You are the real actor of Carnival in Piceno (3 days)

Day 1 : The square of Offida is the setting for “Lu Bov Fint”, a sort of bullfight : the farcical hunting of a false ox, it was originally a real animal but now artificial. From the early afternoon the ox races madly through the streets of the town. The ox is an iron and wooden framework, covered by a cloth, carried by men. A crowd of people and children follow the ox. Each one wears a white costume called a “guazzaro”, which was worn by local farmers in the past. At dusk the ox is killed, and carried like a trophy in a procession along the streets. Dinner in Offida.

Day 2 : Visit of Ascoli Piceno in the morning, followed by the Fine Wine Tour (Rosso Piceno Superiore).

Day 3 : tour of Offida, Pillow-lace Museum, the Church of S. Maria della Rocca, visit of regional Enoteca.


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